Billie Ishmael

“Now I can do everything I want.”

Billie met Dr. Leonard in the ER after she fell and broke her arm. She liked Dr. Leonard so much she came back to him for her two knee replacements.

“Dr. Leonard is the best surgeon on the planet. He will explain everything to you that you don’t even have to ask. He speaks in terms you can understand.”

Since Billie has had her knees replaced, she has returned to daily life, “Now I can do everything I want. I drive my car. I even do my own grocery shopping … I wasn’t willing to live my life in a wheelchair if I couldn’t walk. It’s like having a second chance.”

Billie is excited to revive her home art studio. The last time she painted was when her son was in high school; he is now 53! “Because of Dr. Leonard, I will get to paint with my grandchildren.”

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