How to Enjoy Summer Activities While Keeping Your Back Safe

Summer is here which means we are starting back up the activities that we love the most outside. For Dr. Robert Benz, Spine Surgeon at Othropaedic of the Rockies, that means mountain biking and playing golf. No matter what your preferred activity is, its important to think about your back before you injure yourself.

Before you start an activity or sport, read or watch what Dr. Robert Benz recommends for your safety.


Core Exercises

Get on a good core strengthening exercise program. You can do things like ab crunches, back extension exercises and planks to build up your core.


The majority of patients have very tight hamstring and buttock muscles. Focus on hamstring stretches, glute exercises and piriformis stretching to take some of the stress off your back and hopefully prevent injury.


If you need more direction with these exercises or stretches, OCR has a great team of physical therapists that can put you on a great program, so you are set for the summer. If you require further direction, we have a team of over 30 orthopedic specialists that can provide operative and non-operative care for any spinal problems.

We encourage you to do these exercises and stretches and get in touch with us if you are experiencing any pain. Stay strong and safe this summer!

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