Jason Ennis

‘Top-notch – triple-A – 5 out of 5 stars – I felt like I was worth a million bucks with the treatment I received from Dr. Chaus and the entire staff.”

Jason Ennis is a former military man who loves to ride his motorcycle and work out. In less than 14 months, Jason put over 20,000 miles on his Harley touring motorcycle that he called “Shirley.”  “Riding my bike makes me feel free. It is the most relaxing time for me, other than when I am working out in the gym.”

The day began like most days, Jason was coming home to work out – it was leg day – and he was eager to start work at his two new jobs. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to his workout because he was involved in a severe accident with a truck as he was coming through an intersection.

Jason sustained serious and potentially life-threatening injuries including, multiple fractures of the pelvis requiring 2 screws, a torn rotator cuff, a fractured thumb requiring 2 pins, a compound fracture of the left leg (fibula and tibia) with 2 bones visible through the skin, and 5 fractures of his left foot requiring multiple pins. He was immediately rushed to surgery for his leg and thumb while his pelvis & foot were stabilized for surgery in the next couple of days.

Jason felt lucky to have Dr. Chaus as his trauma surgeon due to his extensive experience and training on pelvic fractures at Harvard. Until he had his pelvic surgery, the pain was unbearable, but once Dr. Chaus repaired his pelvis, the pain quickly became manageable. “ Dr. Chaus is great! He treated me as a person, he was easy to understand, and I could tell that he cared. This is the hands-down best treatment I have ever received. I honestly did not want to leave the hospital – all employees were great, and the food was even good.”

Jason is on his way to recovery. After 2 months, he was out of his wheelchair and getting around on crutches. After 3 months, he was walking with a cane and driving again. Dr. Chaus said that it normally takes 6-9 months to recover from a pelvic fracture, but due to Jason’s high fitness level prior to the accident, he is recovering a little faster than expected.

Whether you’re an avid skier or a motorcyclist who sustained an injury while enjoying your adventure, we are here for you.

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