Charlene Dennemeyer, DPM

We’re thrilled to introduce Dr. Charlene Dennemeyer, the newest addition to the OCR team. With a solid foundation in neuroscience from the University of Nevada Reno, she earned her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Dennemeyer’s expertise blossomed during her residency at North Colorado Medical Center, a Level II Trauma Center. She further honed her skills through a Fellowship in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery at KYINFAS where she excelled in clinical practice management and trauma surgery.

Her commitment to excellence is evident in her research contributions, such as exploring Tranexamic Acid in foot and ankle surgery. She’s dedicated to education, having led as Chief Resident and participating in numerous cadaver labs and workshops.

As an OCR Team Physician for Colorado State University, Dr. Dennemeyer embodies our commitment to comprehensive care. Her impact is poised to be transformative, and we’re excited to welcome her to the OCR family.

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  • Fellowship
    KYINFAS | Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship | 8/2022-7/2023
  • Residency PMSR/RRA
    North Colorado Medical Center Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency | 6/2019-6/2022
  • Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine
    New York College of Podiatric Medicine | 8/2015-5/2019
  • Bachelor of Science
    University of Nevada Reno | Major: Neuroscience | 1/2009-12/2012
  • Associate of Science
    Truckee Meadows Community College | 8/2007- 12/2009
  • Chief Resident
    North Colorado Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency 2021-2022
  • Resident Surgeon for a nonprofit sponsored medical team
    International Foot and Ankle Foundation Yucatan Crippled Children’s Project | Merida, Yucatán, Mexico | July 2022
  • Special Olympics Medical Team | 2017
    Performing foot screenings and aid for participants prior to and after Olympic events.
  • New York City Triathlon Medical Team | 2017
  • Fort Collins
  • Loveland
  • Greeley


Given the complex structures of the foot and the ankle, and the demands we can place on them in our sport, work, or leisure activities, injuries can arise, or conditions can develop over time, that cause pain and limited use. If you experience an injury or develop a chronic condition, our podiatry physician would be pleased to help you.

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Charlene Dennemeyer, DPM

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Dr. Dennemeyer’s journey in podiatric medicine has been marked by unwavering dedication, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and a deep commitment to enhancing patient care. Her educational odyssey began with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Nevada Reno. Building upon this foundation, she earned her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, setting the stage for a distinguished career.

Dr. Dennemeyer’s thirst for continuous growth led her to the North Colorado Medical Center, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of foot and ankle surgery during her Residency in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery. This Level II Trauma Center provided her with a comprehensive and focused training, nurturing her surgical skills and honing her ability to manage diverse cases.

Her academic pursuits extended further with a Fellowship in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery at KYINFAS. This experience allowed her to fine-tune her expertise in clinical practice management, trauma surgery, and diabetic limb salvage, showcasing her dedication to holistic patient care. Her participation in prestigious conferences, such as the Colorado Podiatric Medical Association Annual Conference and the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Osteosynthesis Comprehensive Surgical Course, reflects her unyielding pursuit of excellence.

The hallmark of her career is not only her clinical aptitude but also her profound commitment to community well-being. As a Chief Resident at North Colorado Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency, she displayed remarkable leadership, coordinating educational experiences for residents and students. Dr. Dennemeyer’s passion for serving extended internationally, with her participation in the International Foot and Ankle Foundation Yucatan Crippled Children’s Project, where she offered her surgical skills to treat complex lower extremity pathology.

As an esteemed OCR Team Physician, Dr. Dennemeyer joins the distinguished ranks of the Colorado State University athletic department. Her expertise, along with her peers, reaffirms OCR’s commitment to providing comprehensive care to athletes and the community.

Dr. Charlene Dennemeyer’s journey to OCR is marked by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, commitment to patient care, and dedication to community service. Her specialization in podiatry, extensive surgical knowledge, and holistic approach to patient well-being are a testament to her exceptional contributions to the field of medicine. We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Dennemeyer and look forward to witnessing her transformative impact on the lives of our patients and the podiatric community.

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