Recognition for Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies

Recognition for OCR and Its Physicians

The Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies has been recognized in many ways for high-quality, cost-effective care of patients.

The OCR surgeons have also been recognized for their surgical skill and proficiency in their specialty areas.

The recognitions include these designations:

Shared with Poudre Valley Hospital

Designation in Dec. 2013 by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for Poudre Valley Hospital‰ЫЄs hip and knee replacement surgery program as one of the nation‰ЫЄs 97 best. PVH also was named as one of 25 hospitals nationwide that outperformed other medical centers for its low rate of patients having complications and being readmitted to the hospital after surgery.

Drs. Rocci Trumper, Kirk Kindsfater, and Dana Clark of OCR perform many of the hip and knee replacement operations for patients at PVH.

Designation in July 2013 by US News & World Report which named PVH and Medical Center of the Rockies as two of the ‰ЫПbest hospitals‰Ыќ (in the top 10) in Colorado and ‰ЫПtop performing‰Ыќ hospitals in orthopedics. In four recent years, US News has also recognized PVH as one of the ‰ЫПtop 50‰Ыќ best hospitals for orthopedics-hip and knee replacement surgery.

The surgical skills of Drs. Trumper, Kindsfater, and Clark were one of the primary factors in PVH‰ЫЄs recognition by US News in 2013.


Article in the June 2015 issue of Outpatient Surgery Magazine on OCR’s outpatient spine surgery services.еКThe article in the surgery trade publication included an interview with Barb Hardes, RN, who is OCR’s chief operating officer.

Designation in 2012 and prior years by certain employers as a ‰ЫПcenter of excellence‰Ыќ for high quality, cost-effective surgical care at OCR‰ЫЄs Surgery Center and Recovery Center in Fort Collins. The employers include Alpha Coal, Reiman Corp., and other businesses in Wyoming.

OCR‰ЫЄs surgery costs to patients, businesses, and insurance companies are typically 50% — or more — below the costs that hospitals charge. This cost savings and our high quality surgery results were featured in a story in Kaiser Health News and USA Today in 2010.

OCR also met with Medicare officials in 2008 to explain the value that outpatient surgery-recovery centers like ours offer for patients, insurers, and businesses. OCR encouraged Medicare to consider allowing its enrollees to have their operations at an outpatient surgery center like OCR’s instead of a hospital.

For OCR Physicians

A number of individual OCR physicians have had medical articles accepted for publication in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Several doctors also have been recognized for their surgical abilities by being selected to teach courses for other orthopaedic surgeons, and consulting with companies on ways to improve implants for joint replacement patients.

The physicians or their patients have also been featured in several local publications:

Rocci Trumper, MD — Loveland Teen in Rodeo Championships

Rocci Trumper, MD and Sean Grey, MD ‰ЫТ Style Magazine 2014 ‰ЫТ Top Five Sports Injuries, Prevention

Charles Collopy, MD retired — The Coloradoan-Windsor Beacon — Rodeo cowboy looks back on diagnosis that changed his lifeеК

Robert Benz, MD ‰ЫТ Style Magazine 2013 ‰ЫТ Low Back Pain/Good News for the Weekend Warrior

Rocci Trumper MD ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2013 ‰ЫТ Sports Concussions

Stephen Yemm MD ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2013 ‰ЫТ Football Helmets and Concussions

Dana Clark MD ‰ЫТ Banner Health 2013 — Healthy Colorado

Rocci Trumper MD ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2012 ‰ЫТ Colorado Eagles Player‰ЫЄs Surgery

Kirk Kindsfater MD ‰ЫТ Style Magazine 2012 ‰ЫТ Hip Replacement

Drs Trumper and Kindsfater ‰ЫТ Fort Collins Magazine 2012 ‰ЫТ Save Your Knees

Sean Grey, MD ‰ЫТ Style Magazine 2010 — Shoulder Replacement Surgery/Replacement PartsеК(or alternate link here)

Kenneth Duncan MD (retired) ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2010 ‰ЫТ Climbing Outing

Kirk Kindsfater MD ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2005 ‰ЫТ US News Award for PVH Orthopedics

Kirk Kindsfater MD ‰ЫТ The Coloradoan 2003 ‰ЫТ US News Award for PVH Orthopedics

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