Rod Lindemann

“Your team has put our team back on the path to rich and rewarding golden years with my father and mother.”

Dr. Gerlach and Team,


My 80-year-old father, Rod, has been struggling with debilitating lower back pain for the past 3 years in rural northern California. My father has reached a point where he could not even take care of my mother or his 10-acre ranch anymore. He had undergone every treatment and alternative available with no relief. No one had an answer for his chronic pain. Our entire family felt hopeless and helpless.


I had back surgery with Dr. Gerlach two years ago with outstanding success so I decided to throw a “hail Mary” and contact your group regarding treatment for my father. Right from the initial call your team was caring, compassionate, and efficient. Kayla and Juliette were phenomenal in communicating and coordinating. The time you took to learn about my father’s history (even before he was officially a patient) was extraordinary. We decided to bring my father and mother out to Colorado for consultation and, hopefully, treatment.
From the very beginning, you were very upfront about the risk of this complex operation on an 80-year-old patient, but my father’s attitude and determination influenced everyone’s decision. Plans were made for a difficult fusion and we had hope again. The efficiency of your scheduling team and the pre-op work with Suzie were outstanding.

After a 5-hour surgical procedure, my father was released from the hospital within 3 days and began his recovery here in Colorado. Again, Suzie was so helpful with follow-up and the team was quite diligent in controlling pain and managing his recovery. He worked hard at following all guidelines and instructions. After 6 weeks he was cleared for physical therapy and we were delighted with the care from Christie

My father and mother have returned to their ranch in California and he is resuming full activities while continuing physical therapy. We were all so impressed with the care he received here in Colorado, they decided to move out here!

Your team has put our team back on the path to rich and rewarding golden years with my father and mother. We can never fully articulate the depth of our gratitude, but you and your team should know you gave us a wonderful gift and we plan to take full advantage. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Russ, Lori, Rod, and Lou Ann

From our outpatient surgery and recovery center to our physical therapy department and imaging, our entire team will care for you from head to toe to help you become the champion of your lifestyle. Rod and his family are our Champions!

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