Ron Madrid – Dr. Koldenhoven

A year ago, Handyman Ron Madrid was on a ladder installing electrical conduit.  The ladder shifted and Ron jumped.  When he landed, he landed hard and directly on his heel. “I originally thought it was a bruise, but later found out I fractured my heel and I needed surgery,” Ron said.

Ron had surgery with Dr. Gregg Koldenhoven and started physical therapy once the stitches were removed. “I was in therapy for four months.”

Today Ron is back to being a handyman and back on a ladder, “I’m much more cautious where and how I set up my ladder,” he said.  “The strength in my ankle isn’t all there yet, but I’m still working on it.  I put great expectations on myself.  I want it to be instantaneous, but I know it takes time.  I may not get to 110% like I want, but I will make due with 95%,”  Ron said matter-of-fact.

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