Scott Evans

“My shoulder is hardly an issue in my life anymore.”

Last April it rained… it froze… and then it snowed. When Scott stepped out the front door, he didn’t realize there was ice under the snow. That realization became evident when he hit the ground two steps down, “I tried to get up but I couldn’t. My shoulder was burning. ”

Scott was taken, by ambulance to the ER. When he arrived at Longmont United Hospital they confirmed that he had a dislocated shoulder. The ER put his shoulder back in place and sent him home; nevertheless, the pain continued. Scott decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cooney, “I chose Dr. Cooney because my daughter saw him after a skydiving accident…  She had such a great experience that I knew right away that was who I wanted to go to.”

Dr. Cooney performed a Rotator Cuff Repair, Labrum Repair, and Bicep Tenodesis. “I trusted Dr. Cooney. I liked him too.”

After surgery, Scott went on to receive 15 sessions of physical therapy with Katharina. At the end of Scott’s physical therapy, Katharina made sure Scott was equipped with the knowledge to continue his care. “Katharina took the time to put notes on everything and made sure I was set to continue my exercises at home… I still do my exercises,” Scott said. “My shoulder is hardly an issue in my life anymore.”

“I was extremely comfortable with everyone at OCR. Every single person was great through the whole process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OCR to anyone.”

You’re not ready to climb Mount Everest. But you are ready to get back to the life you lived before your injury. OCR is here to support you on the road to recovery. From our outpatient surgery and recovery center to our physical therapy department and imaging, our entire team will care for you from head to toe to help you become the champion of your lifestyle.

Ready to Champion Your Lifestyle Like Our OCR Champions Have?

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