General Orthopaedics

The general orthopaedic surgeons at OCR help patients with a variety of injuries and conditions, including those that affect the knees, hips, and shoulders.

Our physicians have the knowledge that comes from years of experience performing orthopaedic surgery. Our personalized care includes both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

These surgeons take care of athletes, as well as adult patients of all ages who may be suffering from arthritis and the wear and tear of the years.

Our board-certified general orthopaedists are Mark McFerran, MD, and David Beard, MD. They have appointments at our Loveland, CO, office.

As part of their practice, they provide medical coverage for high school sports in Loveland and Windsor.

Dr. McFerran’s practice focuses on helping patients with these surgeries:

  • anterior hip replacement, as well as traditional posterior total hips
  • knee replacement
  • ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, and other knee procedures

Dr. Beard performs such orthopaedic surgeries as:

  • hip replacement, using the traditional posterior technique
  • knee replacement
  • ACL reconstruction
  • knee arthroscopy for numerous conditions, including meniscal tears, ligament tears, and loose bodies
  • rotator cuff and other shoulder repairs
  • surgical treatment of common fractures around the shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle

If you have a hip, knee, or shoulder problem, Dr. McFerran or Dr. Beard would be pleased to help you! The physicians have helped active people and athletes just like you for many years.


Our General Orthopaedic Surgeons

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