Stacey Carl

“Sixteen years after my ACL reconstructions and ankle ligament reconstruction (among other things), 4,800+ skydives, hundreds of ice hockey games, thousands of miles of mountain biking and hiking, countless hours of jet ski, wakeboard and water ski time, and countless snowboard runs … still going strong and as good as before the surgeries. I will forever owe the continuance of my active life to you, Dr. FitzGibbons. Here’s to the next 16 years!” -Stacey Carl

You’re not ready to climb Mount Everest. But you are ready to get back to the life you lived before your injury. OCR is here to support you on the road to recovery. From our outpatient surgery and recovery center to our physical therapy department and imaging, our entire team will care for you from head to toe to help you become the champion of your lifestyle.

Ready to Champion Your Lifestyle Like Our OCR Champions Have?

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