Therapy Techniques

Physical Therapy

  • Our physical therapists are experts in the science of movement and are dedicated to restoring your body’s optimal function. Your course of physical therapy will include:
    • Education and information about your condition, treatment program, and home exercises
    • Manual therapy techniques to improve range of motion and flexibility in your joints
    • Integrative functional treatment — this makes your therapy part of the movements and activities of your daily life at home and work
    • Home exercise program — no treatment is complete without the exercises you do on your own at home!

    We also offer specialized techniques such as vestibular/ post-concussion therapy and trigger point dry needling for relief of pain and muscular tightness.


Occupational (Hand) Therapy

  • Our hand therapists are specialists in disorders of the hand and upper extremity.  Services provided include:
    • Custom splinting and functional, dynamic splinting for post-surgical protection
    • Specialized splinting to allow continued participation in sports
    • Wound care for an injury or after surgery
    • Joint protection
    • Exercise and strengthening programs
    • Home exercise programs

    If you have questions about our techniques or your home exercise program, please ask your therapist. We want you to be fully informed so you can participate actively in your recovery from injury or surgery!


Our Therapy Facilities

We have large, well-equipped gyms and private treatment rooms in four of our Northern Colorado Locations.

Gyms are located at the Fort Collins,  Loveland, Longmont, and Lafayette clinics. We have a variety of specialized equipment to help our therapists progress your program in the most efficient way possible.