Tips on Enjoying the Colorado Lifestyle Safely

As the weather improves in Colorado, there are more and more people that hit the trails including Dr. Brian Lancaster, a specialist in sports medicine here at OCR.

Many Colorado lifestyle activities such as hiking, running, trail running, biking and mountain biking can be the cause of knee or hip injuries. Before you start an activity, read or watch what warm-up exercises Dr. Brian Lancaster recommends for avoiding injury.



It is important to warm up your core and lateral hip muscles before exercise. Side planks will engage the muscle groups around both of those areas, providing you with more stability and less probability of injury.



Lateral lunges work to strengthen the muscles on the outside of your hips and provides an active stretch. By warming up this area, you are working on your overall balance, stability, and strength.


Should you have any questions, trouble with these exercises or unfortunate injuries on the trail, we would love to see you in any one of our clinics. Please contact us, so we can ensure you are preventing pain and staying safe.


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