Top 5 Causes of Hip Pain

Your hip is your body’s largest joint, and its ball-and-socket construction affords you a wide range of movement, strength and, usually, durability. It’s not immune to injury or deterioration with age, however, and many patients complain of hip pain. Because of its complexity and the amount of use it receives, there are causes for hip pain.

Hip pain isn’t a signal that hip replacement surgery is on your horizon. In fact, many sources of hip pain are manageable with therapy or minimally invasive treatments. Your treatment options will depend upon your diagnosis, which needs to come from a medical professional. The top five causes of hip pain include:

  • Dehydration: The most easily corrected cause of hip pain, dehydration can be the root of stiffness and pain in joints. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are diuretics, causing drinkers to eliminate more fluids than typical, causing dehydration even in patients who drink adequate amounts of water.
  • Bursitis: Bursa are sacs filled with fluid that act as a cushion when you move your hip. When bursa become inflamed, which is known as bursitis, it can cause pain in the affected joint. Hips are particularly prone to bursitis, which is often caused by overuse or trauma to the joint.
  • Arthritis: More than 100 types of arthritis affect people of all ages, but the two most commonly linked to hip pain are osteoarthritis and septic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of bones and joints, which eventually leads bones to come in direct contact with each other, a stiff and painful affliction. Septic arthritis is an infection at a joint, typically introduced to the area by an injury or as a bloodborne pathogen.
  • Avascular Necrosis: Blood flow is as essential to bones as any other organ, and when circulation is reduced or stopped around the hip bone, bone tissue dies. While this can occur in virtually any joint, it’s most prevalent in hips, and can be triggered by a hip injury.
  • Fracture: A hip fracture is a life-threatening injury, and risk of suffering it rises with age. Hip fractures can be caused by a fall or other trauma, or may be stress fractures caused by osteoporosis or another condition. Hip fractures typically require surgery or replacement.

In many cases, hip pain is easily treatable or managed, but it’s essential to consult with a physician for an accurate diagnosis. With three locations – Longmont, Lafayette and Frederick – Front Range Orthopedics & Spine offers convenience as well as the region’s most respected orthopedic staff. Call 303.772.1600 or visit our New Patient Appointment page to schedule a consultation.

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