OCR Collaborates with Artist Bob Coonts

Just 25 feet north of the Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies’ patient recovery rooms is a sprawling and vivid display, reminiscent of what one might see when making the drive along the I-25 from Fort Collins to its New Mexico or Wyoming borders.

This impressionistic, colorful painting was created by local artist and Colorado native, Bob Coonts, whose career has included work as a designer and illustrator, art director, business owner, and artist. In this breathtaking piece, Bob has captured an imagined view of the Front Range, including iconic peaks and rivers. The display gives recovering patients something colorful and cheery to look at.

Bob’s process for conceptualizing and bringing this image to life was a fascinating one. Beginning with marker drawings mounted on a blackboard, Bob pitched his idea to The Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies. After they accepted this pitch, he then created two 13” by 17” long paintings, which were framed and hung together in one of the center’s hallways. Thanks to an expert combination of photography, digital art, and printing, Bob’s paintings were blown up to 400% their original size and printed onto 23 ¼ 4’x8’. ⅛” thick metal panels, which make up the final mural you see today.

Our patients’ experience does not stop once they are out of the operating room, and this mural is a testament to that. To learn more about this incredible work of art and the artist who brought it to life, click here!

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