OCR’s 17th Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk

Total joint surgery is of the most intrusive methods of repairing damaged and arthritic joints. Because of this, your orthopaedic doctor will exhaust all other methods before electing for surgery. Patients who undergo this surgery must afterward endure a season of uncomfortable recovery. Only after months of physical therapy will the repaired joint work the way it should.

At OCR, getting those joints back to optimal condition is one of our biggest priorities. We understand the hard work that goes into recovery from total joint surgery. That’s why we make a point to celebrate the many successful recoveries of not just our patients but all who have benefited from the surgery.

How We Celebrate Total Joint Surgery Recovery

This year, we’ve hosted the 17th Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk to celebrate all patients who have had joint surgery and who are back to moving like they used to. For the last few years, we’ve hosted this event virtually and the turnout has been incredible. So, this year we did it again.

Throughout the month of September, we invited joint surgery patients to get out to their perfect spot to walk or run and get moving! The beauty of a virtual walk is that it can be completed anywhere – your neighborhood, favorite park or trail, or even a mountainside! The point is to celebrate those functioning joints by using them – it doesn’t matter where.

To help track individual progress and total involvement in the event, participants downloaded the free STRAVA Fitness Tracker App on their phones and joined the OCR 2022 Joint Walk Club! We were so excited to see how successful the Total Joint Surgery Walk was this year. 

The walk garnered over 1,000 total participants, logging over 80 total hours of activity and over 400 miles!

That’s a lot of properly functioning joints.

Helping those Joints Work as they Should

At OCR we really do love to hear the stories of how our patients can take back their hobbies after their successful total joint surgery. Here’s one from Laurette Terrell, a former patient of OCR in Loveland:

“I would like to thank the surgeon, medical staff, and physical therapists at OCR for their expertise and encouragement with my bilateral knee replacement in January 2022. They did an excellent job for me and I love the new knees! This summer I’ve been back to all the activities I love!”

That’s what it’s all about. We believe you shouldn’t have to give up the hobbies you love because of damaged and achy joints. Stories like Laurette’s make us all the more sure.

To learn more about OCR and the Total Joint Surgery walk, visit our website.

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