OCR Regional Concussion Center Services

Our Regional Concussion Center offers complete diagnostic and treatment services for athletes, to help them return to their sport and other activities as safely as possible after a concussion.

The Concussion Center is led by our concussion specialist, Katie Scott, PhD and also includes the OCR physicians, our certified athletic trainers, and therapists (PT-OT).

This information is designed for coaches.


Concussion Specialist

Katie Scott, PhD, is our concussion specialist and evaluates and treats athletes with a head injury.

Dr. Scott is a board-certified neuropsychologist specializing in the assessment of physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms of concussion. She also specializes in the use of many computerized and clinical tools that assist in the diagnosis and treatment. Read more about Dr. Scott by clicking here.


Concussion Care for Athletes

OCR’s Concussion Center offers athletes prompt, experienced diagnosis and treatment of sports-related head injuries. We offer:

• Comprehensive team of multi-specialty concussion and sports medicine professionals.
• The most advanced testing using scientifically validated clinical tools, including the widely recognized ImPACT® system.
• On-site physical therapy for specific treatments, such as vestibular therapy.
• Thorough, individualized plan to help achieve the best recovery and the safest return to play, school, and work.


ImPACT Testing

OCR has used this nationally-noted system for many years. ImPACT is used by 200+ pro sports teams, and more than 1,000 colleges and universities, including Colorado State University, and over 7,000 high schools.


Concussion Facts

A concussion is a head injury caused by a fall, crash, bump, or jolt.

  • It causes the head and brain to move back and forth quickly; it may change the way the brain works.
  • Concussions can occur even if you have not been “knocked out.”
  • 10% of athletes in contact sports sustain a concussion. About two-thirds occur in football.


Concussion Assessment

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the athlete’s clinical symptoms.
  • Vestibular and ocular screening for symptoms such as dizziness and difficulty with balance.
  • Neurocognitive screening with ImPACT and other techniques, to identify patterns of performance in thinking abilities.
  • Thorough evaluation of mood and behavioral symptoms.
  • Targeted treatment recommendations.
  • Education on concussion injuries.
  • Communication with coaches, parents, school, and work to facilitate recovery.


Concussion Symptoms

Symptoms can be subtle. They may include:

Loss of consciousness, headache, confusion, loss of balance, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting.

Difficulty with attention, concentration, memory, and orientation.

Feelings of irritability, depression, anxiety, strong emotions, lethargy, fatigue, and sleep disruption.

OCR’s Regional Concussion Center addresses the physical, cognitive, and psychological challenges of an injury to help athletes return safely to their sport, academic, and other activities.

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