Tips to Stay Safe In Winter Weather to Prevent Back Pain

Winter weather, while beautiful, can present a significant hazard that may aggravate or even begin back pain. Here are a few tips to stay safe in winter weather to prevent back pain.

As always, be safe in the snow and take your time. It is always easier to prevent back pain than to get rid of it.

Stretch Often

Cold weather can cause back pain because it causes the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the spine to tighten. It is important to stretch often to keep your muscles warm and loose, especially before going outside to prevent muscle strains, dislocations and/or tears.

Wear Proper Shoes

Wearing proper shoes when you are outside, which may be rubber soles or boots with deep treads can limit your risk for slips. Make sure they fit properly and are secured tight!

Walk Carefully

When walking on slippery surfaces, you should be walking like a penguin! To do this, keep your feet underneath you, your hands to your side and take small steps. These things keep your weight directly over your feet to limit slips and falls.

Keep Your Hands Out of Your Pockets

With your hands by your side, you can catch yourself and hopefully limit the severity of the impact if you slip. If your hands are in your pockets, you might not have the chance to quickly take them out to brace your fall.

Shovel Snow Properly

Most low back injuries occur when people do two actions simultaneously, lifting and twisting, both of which coincide with shoveling snow. Here are a few tips for safe shoveling:
lift with your legs and arms instead of your back, shovel a little bit at a time, push the snow instead of throwing it, and take multiple breaks.

If you do end up injuring yourself, be sure to book an appointment as soon as you can.
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