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November 28, 2017
Be Aware of Scam Phone Calls

September 27, 2017
We Are Hiring a Hand-Upper Extremity Orthopaedic Surgeon in 2019

June 21, 2017
OCR Is Seeking Two Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians in 2018



August 29, 2016
Colorado State University and OCR Announce New Stadium Sponsorship

June 26, 2016
Dr. Emily Wasko Joins OCR as Podiatry-Foot and Ankle Specialist

June 6, 2016
Dr. Kurt Dallow Joins OCR as Sports Medicine Specialist

May 16, 2016
Dr. Riley Hale Joins OCR as Hip, Knee, and Trauma Surgeon

April 7, 2016
OCR is Expanding with New Office in Greeley

March 18, 2016
OCR Sponsors 2nd Annual Training Day for Coaches in the Region

February 5, 2016
OCR doctor, CSU professor awarded national concussion research grant



August 27, 2015
Dr. Joshua Snyder Joins OCR as Our Hip Scope Surgery Specialist

August 21, 2015
Dr. Bret Peterson Achieves Board Certification in Orthopaedic Surgery

August 5, 2015
OCR Seeking New Clinic-Based Podiatrist

July 10, 2015
OCR Hosts Patients for Its 10th Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk

January 13, 2015
Washington State Senator Visits OCR, Harmony Surgery Center



August 29, 2014
OCR Pleased to Join TRICARE Network for Members of Military, Their Families

August 22, 2014
Dr. Mark McFerran Now Performing Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

July 31, 2014
Read our sports medicine and concussion brochure

June 30, 2014
Dr. Alissa Wicklund Joins OCR as Our Sports Concussion Specialist

May 20, 2014
OCR Hosts Patients for 9th Annual Joint Surgery Walk

February 27, 2014
OCR Pleased to Join WinHealth Network with New Contract



October 11, 2013
OCR Physicians Make $25,000 Donation for Flood Relief and Recovery

September 19, 2013
OCR’s 2013 Symposium Is Planned for Sat., Nov. 9

August 28, 2013
OCR Recruiting Clinical Neuropsychologist to Enhance Sports Medicine, Concussion Services

August 26, 2013
Dr. Ryan L. Hartman Achieves Board Certification in Orthopaedic Surgery

August 19, 2013
Fort Collins Native Bret Peterson, MD, Joins OCR as Hand Surgeon

May 29, 2013
OCR Hosting 8th Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk on Sept. 28



December 31, 2012
Dr. Kenneth Duncan Retires from OCR

October 10, 2012
OCR Patients Not Affected by Meningitis Alert

July 24, 2012
OCR Physicians to Host 4th Annual Orthopaedics Symposium on November 10, 2012

June 27, 2012
Athletic Trainer’s Selection for Summer Olympics Latest for OCR’s Staff for International Sports Events

June 19, 2012
Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies Is Expanding Its Fort Collins Facility

June 15, 2012
OCR Makes Donation to the Red Cross for High Park Fire

May 30, 2012
OCR Hosts Seventh Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk Sept. 8

May 4, 2012
Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies Seeking Hand Surgeon to Join Practice in 2013

April 16, 2012
Dr. Dana Clark to Discuss Treatments for Hip, Knee Pain at McKee Women’s Program

January 19, 2012
OCR Gave $131,000 in 2011 as Charitable Gifts, Sponsorships



December 16, 2011
OCR Offers Online Bill Payment for Patients

December 1, 2011
OCR Physicians: Ask Congress to Keep Doctors for Medicare Patients

October 31, 2011
Dr. Kirk Kindsfater Presents Knee Replacement Surgery Research at International Physician Meeting

October 12, 2011
Thank You to the 185 Guests Who Attended Our Annual Symposium

September 23, 2011
Dr. Dana Clark Achieves Board Certification in Orthopaedics

September 12, 2011
Thank You to the 436 Patients, Guests Who Attended Our 6th Annual Joint Surgery Walk

June 9, 2011
OCR to Host Sixth Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk on Sept. 10, 2011

June 2, 2011
OCR Physicians to Host 3rd Annual Orthopaedics Symposium on October 8, 2011

Jan. 3, 2011
Dr. Ryan Hartman Joins OCR as Pediatric Orthopaedics, Sports Injury Specialist




Sept. 16, 2010
Dr. Nathan Hunt Joins OCR as Podiatrist, Diabetic Foot/Wound Care Specialist

July 20, 2010
OCR Hosts Orthopaedics Symposium on October 30, 2010

July 9, 2010
OCR Hosts Fifth Annual Total Joint Surgery Walk on Sept. 11

June 21, 2010
OCR Limits New Medicaid Patients as State Runs Out of Money for Program

June 17, 2010
Painful Spine Condition is Topic of OCR Physician’s Free Program June 24 in Fort Collins

June 15, 2010
OCR Physicians’ Letter: Ask Congress to Keep Doctors for Medicare Patients

April 27, 2010
Overcoming Thumb Arthritis is Topic of OCR Physician’s Free Program May 11

March 8, 2010
Painful Spine Condition Is Topic of Orthopaedic Physician’s Free Program March 24

January 5, 2010
Dr. Thomas Anderson Joins OCR in Primary Care Sports Medicine


December 16, 2009
Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies: Name Update Emphasizes Practice’s Spine Care

December 10, 2009
Larimer County Medical Society Honors Roger Sobel, MD, as Physician of the Year

November 19, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Moving Its Loveland Office, Opening New One on Dec. 7

November 9, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Physician Giving Community Talk on Knee Pain, Replacement Surgery

October 1, 2009
Dr. Steven Seiler Awarded Board Certification in Orthopaedics

August 21, 2009
Orthopaedic Center and Aetna Sign Provider Contract

August 20, 2009
Dr. Steven Seiler Joins Orthopaedic Center as Hand-Arm Surgery Specialist

July 29, 2009
Dr. C. Dana Clark Joins Orthopaedic Center as Total Joint Surgery Specialist

July 7, 2009
Orthopaedics Symposium Planned Oct. 24, 2009, for Primary Care Physician Offices

May 4, 2009
Our Fourth Annual Joint Walk Will Take Place Saturday, September 12

April 7, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Founder Honored for Volunteer Missions

April 4, 2009
Our Fort Collins MRI Center Is Open in Spite of Snowstorm

March 25, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Hosts Annual Fort Collins MS Walk on May 2, 2009
February 18, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Changes Hours When Patients Can Call to Make Doctor’s Appointments

January 15, 2009
Orthopaedic Center Breaks Ground Jan. 24 for New Loveland Facility


November 28, 2008
Orthopaedic Center Has Four New Physician Positions for 2009-10

September 15, 2008
New Appointment Phone Number In Use For Physiatry Clinic at Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies

September 2, 2008
Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies Hosts Its Annual Joint Walk on Sept. 13

August 19, 2008
Dr. Rusnak Joins Orthopaedic Center as Trauma Specialist

August 14, 2008
Orthopaedic Center’s Spinal Surgeon Presents Seminar in Estes Park

July 17, 2008
Dr. Ross Joins Orthopaedic Center as Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

June 20, 2008
Orthopaedic Center’s Spinal Surgeons Present Seminar June 24

May 20, 2008
Orthopaedic Center’s Spinal Surgeons Present Seminar May 27

April 14, 2008
Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies Hosts Fort Collins MS Walk

February 25, 2008
Specialty Patient Services Expanding with Physiatry Clinic

February 25, 2008
Study Finds Surgery Effective for Spinal Stenosis