Fort Collins Surgery & Recovery Center

Welcome to our Surgery Center and Recovery Center, located at our facility in Fort Collins, CO. Our goal is to provide you with the very best orthopaedic surgical and nursing care.

We opened our Surgery Center in 1990, and added a third operating room and a 10-room Recovery Center in 1999. Tens of thousands of patients have had their operations here since the center opened.

We offer you:

  • Day surgery or overnight stay, depending on your operation
  • Experienced and highly skilled surgeons
  • Excellent surgical results
  • Very cost-effective surgery charges compared to hospital costs
  • A dedicated nursing staff
  • Experienced anesthesiologists
  • Comfortable surroundings, with private rooms
  • Easy access and parking

Surgical services range from arthroscopic surgery for outpatients, to more involved joint replacement and spine surgeries that require an overnight stay in a comfortable, private room in the Recovery Center.

The Surgery Center offers surgery without a hospital stay. More and more people can have their operation as an outpatient, as technology and surgery techniques have advanced.

Our physicians do several thousand surgeries each year in our surgery center. Many patients go home the same day; others may spend one or more nights in our Recovery Center.

The Recovery Center provides 10 private rooms and 24-hour nursing care for patients who need to stay overnight after surgery. Unlike large hospitals, the Recovery Center provides quiet comfort for patients and families. It also offers delicious catered meals and a spacious family lounge.

(The health care term for our center is an Ambulatory Surgery Center).

Here is a list of Fort Collins area hotels that offer discounts for OCR patients.

Pre-Operative Care at Our Surgery Center

We will work closely with you and your family to prepare for your surgery. Your physician’s medical assistant or nurse (MA or LPN) will guide you on what to expect.

Education is very important in the successful outcome of any surgery.

If you are having your operation at our surgery center in Fort Collins, one of our registered nurses will talk with you and your family about your operation, describing what you should expect the day of surgery and afterward.

During this pre-op appointment, you can ask questions and get more details about your surgery. We may have this conversation in person or over the phone, depending on your situation.

You will be instructed how to prepare for your day of surgery, including appropriate clothing for going home. You will receive other instructions and sign papers related to your particular operation.

Our nurses and administrative staff are available to answer questions by phone prior to surgery.

For more information on any radiology exam you may need prior to surgery, click on this link.

Post-Operative Care

After surgery, your registered nurse will assist you in your recovery, monitoring your vital signs and pain level, and helping you be comfortable.

Depending on your surgery and your health, you may complete your recovery in the post-anesthesia recovery portion of our Surgery Center.

Or you may stay one or more nights in a private room in our Recovery Center.

Our Surgery Center and Recovery Center are located at our Fort Collins, CO, facility.

If you are going home after surgery, you may have juice, a snack, and a visit with family or friends. When you are ready, your nurse will give you more information for home care, and you will be on your way home.

Patients having an outpatient procedure usually stay at OCR for 2 to 4 hours — including the time for the surgery.

Our Recovery Center

If you need additional nursing and medical care after surgery, your doctor will discuss this with you.

We have 10 comfortable, private rooms at our Recovery Center for overnight stays. When you are in your room, you will receive additional postoperative care and instruction to help the healing process.

Your time in the Recovery Center may include exercise instruction and physical or occupational therapy.

Visitors are welcome from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Flowers, balloons, and gifts are always welcome.

Please don’t bring latex balloons, use mylar baloons instead! Thank you!