Fracture and Hand Injury Clinics

 Massaging contused wrist

Our Fracture and Hand Injury Clinics Are Here to Help You

Why are fracture and hand injury clinics important?

The hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder are extremely complex parts of the human body, with the hand alone consisting of 27 bones. The hand and arm enable us to do hundreds of seemingly routine activities every day, as we work, play, and enjoy our time with friends and family. Because we use our hands and arms so often for such a variety of tasks, many people can experience a broken or badly injured hand, finger, wrist, or elbow each year.

Our board-certified orthopaedic physicians specialize in all orthopaedic areas including specialized care for fractures and hand and arm injuries.

If you have a concern with your hand, wrist, or arm, one of our surgeons would be pleased to help you! Our physicians have helped active people and athletes just like you for many years.

We have frequent fracture and hand injury clinics and appointment times at our Fort Collins and Loveland offices for patients with these kinds of injuries. We also have fracture and hand injury care at our office in Greeley.

Appointments are available for fracture and hand injuries each week at our Greeley office, but not every day, as we have at our Fort Collins and Loveland offices.

Call 970-419-7050 for an appointment.
Read more about our fracture and hand injury clinics, their hours and locations, and injury care.