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Top 5 Tips for a Happy Spine

Back pain is a common condition that affects nearly 65 million American’s per year. The pain can be brought on by a wide variety of stressors such as injuries or genetic factors. If you’ve ever experienced back pain you know just how debilitating it can be, and how quickly it…

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100 Total Joint Replacements!!

Front Range Orthopedic Surgery Center, a division of Front Range Orthopedics & Spine has completed 100 total joint replacements. We sincerely appreciate our patients, staff and physicians!!

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Can Sports Injuries Cause Arthritis?

A twisted ankle or injured shoulder can mean more than just a few weeks off the field and in rehab. It can be a trigger that causes arthritis later in life. Sports injuries cause arthritis in up to 23 percent of adults, according to a study in History of the…

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What Causes Knee Pain without Injury

Sometimes the cause of your knee pain is obvious: a twist, misstep or strain can strike at any time during a walk or a run. Other times, patients can suffer knee pain without injury and are unsure of the source of their discomfort. You’ll need to consult with a physician…

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Trail Running Shoes: How To Choose

Trail running shoes are designed to provide your feet with the protection they need when you take your jogging regimen into the wild. While they’ve evolved in recent years to offer fine-tuned trail-running experience, they’re closely related to the same sneakers you put on when you go for a jog…

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Tennis Related Shoulder Injuries

Is your killer serve killing you? Does your backhand make you wince? In these summer months, tennis-related shoulder injuries are becoming a more frequent complaint from our patients. The serve that you’re working hard to perfect is likely the source of your shoulder pain. Polished tennis players connect with a…

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How to Prevent Marathon Training Injuries

Colorado is a state filled with 5K and marathon events in the spring and summer. Even some of the most popular marathons in the nation take place in our beautiful state. If you’re planning on running your first marathon or are a seasoned expert, here are some tips to prevent…

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Walking & Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint amongst Front Range Orthopedics & Spine patients. Hip pain can be caused by a wide variety of issues, and each patient can experience different symptoms. The location and severity of your hip pain can help doctors determine what may be causing the pain and…

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Hiking Knee Pain Causes and Treatment

Whether you have a grand plan to scale all 53 of Colorado’s fourteeners or just casually explore the trails close to your home, many hikers struggle with knee pain after an outing. While hiking down inclines may be the source of pain, hikers may not need to stick to flat…

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Should I Go to the Doctor for Heel Pain?

Heel pain can happen to anyone at any time and occasionally you might experience pain one day and be fine the next. This can leave you wondering if you should see a doctor or if you should let it resolve itself. In short, if you’re in pain, you should see…

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