Hip Arthroscopy: Perfect Answer for Active Adults

We’re a state of activity – cycling, swimming, running, hiking, rock climbing – and whether native or transplant, we love the ColoradoDr. Nirav Shah lifestyle. The rub for all that activity is sometimes the inevitable for many folks – nagging hip pain. There is an answer: a little-known technique called hip arthroscopy.

What Is Hip Arthroscopy?

This outpatient procedure is not a partial or total joint replacement – it’s a minimally-invasive technique to alleviate pain associated with the hip joint. A small camera is inserted through a tiny incision along the hip so your surgeon can view the hip joint. Some of the reasons for hip arthroscopy are to:

  • Remove small pieces of cartilage or bone that may be loose within the hip joint 
  • Repair a torn labrum – this is a tear in the cartilage that’s attached to the rim of your hip socket 
  • Correct hip impingement syndrome, or femora-acetabular impingement (FAI) – arthroscopy is done when other treatment options haven’t provided relief 

When Is It Recommended?
If you’ve been experiencing hip pain for several weeks and have not gained benefit or relief from other therapies – such as physical therapy or over-the-counter pain medications – arthroscopy might be something to consider.


What Are the Advantages of Arthroscopy?

There are several advantages to hip arthroscopy, including:

  • It’s a minimally-invasive outpatient surgery, which can be done at Front Range Orthopedic & Spine’s surgery center in Longmont
  • There’s no hospital stay
  • The small incision allows you to get back to your active lifestyle more quickly with only a few weeks of recovery time

In addition, for younger patients, hip arthroscopy can help you delay and even avoid a hip replacement later down the road.


Who Benefits Most From This Procedure?

Young, active adults – anywhere from 20 to 50 years of age – who do not exhibit signs of arthritis in the hip joints are the ideal patients for this outpatient procedure.

Dr. Nirav R. Shah is one of only a handful of orthopedic surgeons along the Front Range – and the only one in Longmont – offering this minimally-invasive technique for young, active adults experiencing hip pain. Call Front Range Orthopedics & Spine at 303-772-1600 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shah to see if hip arthroscopy is right for you.

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