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OCR Everyday Champions

John Booren

 “After only 3 months, I am very thankful to be back living again! It’s even nice to be back at work.” Colorado native, John Booren, enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, including fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and bowhunting. However, that all came to an abrupt stop with the first snowstorm…

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Brandon Dvorak

“If you think you are hurt, go to the doctor and have it checked out. If I had waited, I would have required a much more intense surgery. Going when I did probably saved my golf career!” FORE!!! You will hear 24-year old golf professional Brandon Dvorak yelling this as…

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Fred Manzanares

“Surgery isn’t what most people want to do, but for me, it was great. My shoulder is not in pain anymore. Dr. Shah is a wonderful surgeon, and the whole staff is fantastic!” Fred Manzanares works hard and plays hard. He spent 40 physically demanding years as a professional tile installer. The married…

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Rene Sheridan

“Dr. Shah was nice and very well informed…and the specially trained orthopedic nurses provided a superior level of care. I had such a great experience with my total knee replacement at the Front Range Orthopedics outpatient surgery center that I can’t wait to get my other knee replaced this fall.”…

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Anne Schmitt

“I’m even starting to knit again, which is perfect because I’m going to be a grandma.” Anne Schmitt has been playing the piano since she was a little girl. She also knits, gardens, and shows her Australian Shepherds. However, as the pain started developing in her thumbs, she eventually had to…

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Randall White

“Of all the things I like to do, I do them. Yes, I do them carefully, but I still do them. I didn’t think I would ever be able to dance with my wife again, and I can. I have no hesitation that when I go outside [to work in…

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Rich Woodburn

“There was no after-pain other than tenderness. I was using my hand as I used to the very next day” Rich loves working on his cars, but it became difficult when he developed Dupytren’s Disease. Dupytren’s disease, also known as Viking’s disease, is a connective tissue disorder. The disease causes thickening in…

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Chris Mayer

“Dr. Pater is extremely knowledgeable. He explained everything to me, and I knew exactly what was happening.” Chris Mayer discovered Jiu-jitsu at the Dark Horse BJJ academy in Longmont in 2010 and was instantly hooked. He is dedicated to his sport and trains several hours 3-4 times a week. Chris was in…

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Kathie Young

“Dr. Leonard is the doctor I would want to work on any bone in my body. He is so meticulous and thorough. I trust him implicitly and would highly recommend him to anyone.” When Kathie Young finally retired at 70, she didn’t love it, she was BORED! Animal lover Kathie is active at…

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Billie Ishmael

“Now I can do everything I want.” Billie met Dr. Leonard in the ER after she fell and broke her arm. She liked Dr. Leonard so much she came back to him for her two knee replacements. “Dr. Leonard is the best surgeon on the planet. He will explain everything…

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